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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 3, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just c't deliver the results california needs now. one body out and still trying
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to free the other body. it took about eight hours to get the twin engine beach 65 queen air across the lagoon and out of the water. until now there were 2 people still inside the wreckage. the plane owner knot 92-year-old bob pwor man and the pilot. yesterday the body of the third passenger 47-year-old swawr east was recovered. plane nose dive
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into the lagoon just seconds after taking off from san carlos airport. you are about to hear the control tower's first visual confirmation that first visual confirmation that the plane went >> first i thought it was doing an acrobatic or something. why is he doing that over the lagoon? you know. no. then it was so surreal. unbelievable. you c couldn't, just watching it it was lake oh, my god. >>reporter: the ntsb still here and investigators arrived few hours ago. the plan is to look at the plane here and then move it to an ntsb warehouse in sacramento for further investigation. officials aren't the only ones out here. people started gathering in the parking lot early this morning. some actually saw the plane go down
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and felt this would give them closure. others were here just out of curiosity. back live as you can see people are still here watching even in the darkness. ntsb mane while tells me that if they do not move the plane tonight they will post security out here to keep an eye on the wreckage and then move it tomorrow morning. live in redwood shores, abc 7 news jachlt okay lisa thanks very much. >> the tail of yet another pilot is amazing. helicopter crash this morning. it happened right on highway 101 just south of downtown is a leap as. the pilot survived and may owe his life to quick thinking big rig driver. >> right in front of me about a mile down the road was like about sparks lacked like lightning striking the ground and then i wept around the helicopter on the other side where i could see if there was anybody in it and a fellow was
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fall out of it. discuss released his safety belt and all i have to say is one lucky man. >> no kidding. more now from david. >> the helicopter had just taken off from salinas airport at 6:00 a.m. when it crashed in the south bound lanes of highway 101. witnesses said the area was shrouded in dense fog. john was in the south bound lanes when he came upon the wreckage. the pilot 52-year-old frank komo's just unfastened the seat belt and fell on to the pavement. >> i asked him if he was okay. and he said i'm fine. and he had blood coming out of the side of his face and his fingers were bleeding. and at that time i, i noticed that he was kind of going into shock so i put him in my pick up until help arrived. >> it's president of air service aerial application on field crop. there were no chemical loaded on the helicopter when it crashed. he w was on his way to watsonville to start a job.
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his son graham arrived at the crash site to learn his father's fate. >> i said he was walking around once i heard that i was all right. >>reporter: this is prime season for aerial spraying. the valley field are planted with lettuce, lettuce, strawberry, artichoke and broccoli. the company employs 12 people. he's in the intensive care unit at salinas valley memorial hospital. sources said he has a fractured rib and multiple bruises. he may have surveyed the crash because a tractor-trailer driver managed to swerve out of the way just in time. >> big rig driver said this helicopter just fell from the sky in front of him and he was able to avoid it by about 5 feet. very close call. >> investigators for the ntsb said they still need to talk to him to find out exactly what happened. but he's not a state right now to be interviewed. in salinas abc 7 news. >> police have finished for the night with grizzly search of than east bay land fill. they have reason to believe that a body may have been dumped there. frederick
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solace is still considered missing at this point but his father was killed along with 3 others. police suspect by the same man. so they are not optimistic about his fate. at the same time second possible suspect appeared in court with all of today development here's laura anthony. >>reporter: 2 dozen searchers and a cadaver dog sifted through 3000 tons of debris by hand at pittsburgh land fill. searching for the body of 35-year-old frederick solace. >> well the tipping area is dirt over garbage. very solid. >>reporter: solace father rick was found bludgeoned to death in his hercules home saturday morning. a suspect in solace murder shot and killed by police at the 99 ranch market in richmond. the body of the girlfriend cindy tran was found in the suspect's car. police have found frederick solace car but not him. they are searching the land fill because it contains garbage that came from a business park in hercules. where he used to work. where one murder
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victim's car was found. >> the area that they are searching is north shore business park which as you know was where the cadillac escalade was discovered. >>reporter: meantime another man who was once a house mate of his was arraigned in fairfield court on felony explosive charges related to the chemical c 4 and dynamite found in his vallejo back yard and in a storage unit. >> enter plea of not guilty to all counts. >>reporter: charles entered a plea of not guilty on explosive charges. bail remains high two million dollars because of alleges the 72-year-old demonstrationist may also be involved in the murder of 2 women found at his house. they have been positively identified as mark and the wife allen. >> i think he's a victim in the case. >>reporter: the body in the house. >> no. >>reporter: police say he's a person:00 interest in the 2 murders. investigators claim he did in the act normal when confrontedinformation that the e in his house. his attorney says someone else put them
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there. >> i have reason to believe the bodies were put there some time that day, the day of his arrest. >>reporter: charles will be back in court next week and the attorneys will argue that the two million dollar bail should be greatly reduced. in fairfield, abc 7 news. richmond base chevron agreed to pay nearly 3 million dollars to restore more than 200 acres of san francisco bay wet lands. that settle as lawsuit linked to the refinery long-term discharming of waste water that the basement that finanancially stopped in 1987. money from the settlement will help rae store 32, 45 acres of title habitat in north richmond and along the san pablo bay national wild life refuge. great white has been sighted at is sonoma county beach popular with surfer kayaker and swimmers. santa rosa press democrat reports people standing on the beach saw the shark with a sea lion in its mouth about 200 yard
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off the coast yesterday morning. now that shark looked to be about 18 pet long or so. park rangers said this is the closest the shark has been to the shore in several years. now the beach has not been csed but park rangers are warning swimmers to watch out especially with the long holiday weekend come up and so many people heading to the beach. >> novato schools have a problem that most districts would like to have. too many kids. while over enrollment does men more money from the state going to the district it also means that many students now have to switch schools. as lee ann explains a lot of parents are angry. >> when terri recently moved back to no vat 0she knew exactly where she wanted to live. >> i chose to buy a house within this olive school zone because this is the skil wanted my daughter to go to. it was by design that i moved to this area. >>reporter: on august 23rd her daughter franie started third grade at oyvl elementary. only to be told days later they were over
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enrolled. the district has since assigned her to another school. but she is fighting the transfirm. i know when i registered her i was very clear that franie my daughter she has some special issues that if they were going the do this they necessitateded to do it then and in the after she started school. very clear about that. >>reporter: it is really not the district's fault that more families have decided to mav to no vat 0. enrollment continues through august and there are always families who sign up late. but once school begins the district has 10 days to shuffle students around. >> it is a difficult thing to have to do for us from district perspective as well but we provide transportation to where they need to good and as soon as the spot does come up for that grade level we subpenaed them back. >>reporter: in the mean time the district has hired 3 new teachers and may need more. novato is also one of the few remaining districts with a 20-1 student teacher ratio. despite huge budget cut.
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>> the kids get a fabulous start and they get the attention they need. >>reporter: because the school district has agreed to keep the 20-1 ratio the state demands that it not go over that number. if the school district does it faces a penalty of 1,000 dollars for every extra student. some districts pay the penalty in order to allow 1 or 2 more students in the classroom. but novato is trying to keep the ratio intact. in the meantime she's not the only parent doing ballots with the district. other parents hope their appeals will be heard. in novato, abc 7 news. if you live in oakland and want to use the library next week need to know this the library will only be open on wednesday. since the library are normally closed on monday they need to also close them on tuesday next week to account for the labor day holiday. well, then, the library are also closed thursday and friday due to budget cuts so wednesday is the only day for library ins
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oakland. >> well a lot more to bring enthusiastic friday night on 7 news at 9:00. >> my whole life turned upside down in that one moment. >>reporter: the wife of a wounded fremont police officer reveals how she and the kid are holding up. >> 49 ers move into the new stapled how much will the ticket really cost? 7 open your side is coming up. >> weekend made for the out doors.i'll have the up and the down in my accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up. also tonight. latest twist in a big ballots over a little dog. finally located 7 years after its owner reported it missing. stas.s.s.s.s.s.s.
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>> these pictures taken a few minutes ago of a big fire at strip mall in phoenix. firefighters letting the structure burn because there is too much heavy smoke powering out making it too dangerous for firefighters to enter this building. it is happening at company that restores antique cars which explains probably why it is burning so ferociously. any sort of business like that will have a lot of paint chemical and solve interest inthat are highly flammable in phoenix tonight. >> it's been a week since under could have fremont police officer was shot down on an oakland street. trying to arrest a man who is now accused of attempted murder. that wounded officer is facing the fight of his life. as we report, today we got new details about his condition from his doctor and from his wife. >>reporter: is a woman through more anguish in one we can than most of us see in a life time. nicole young wife of fremont police officer todd young. shot severely in the pelvis while trying to arrest a suspect last week. >> i was told that he wouldn't
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let them put him to sleep until until he called his wife. he called me and said he was at high land hospital. and that he was okay. he just got hit in the leg. >>reporter: but as we all know by now it was much worse than that. the. >> fair to say his injuries were extremely severe. >>reporter: today at high land hospital most of the main players came forward to tell their stories. the surgeon. the wife. the red cross. the police chief. all this as a few miles away suspect andrew bar prepared to appear in court. he can thank miracle by the hospital staff for not having to face a murder charge. >> they saved my husband's life. >>reporter: you may have heard by now that officer young was bleeding badly when hehehehe was brought in here. y we found out just how badly. he received 60 units of red blood cells. essentially he bled out 6 times his normal blood supply. >> basically in that situation when you are doing the
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operation when you look you don't necessarily even see the blood vessels that are bleding because there is so much, there is blood basically well up where the injuries r.item a struggle even to find the exact location of the injury. >>reporter: today we learn that officer young remains sedated in intensive care and still faces more surgery just to close the abdominal wound. good news? he has a fine chance of full recovery and a wife who can still insulate her children a bit at least. >> they know that daddy was shot in the leg. and he's sleeping so he can get better and come home. that's all they know. that's all they need to know. >>reporter: from high land hospital in oakland, abc 7 news? keep that family in your thoughts but we move on to other things now. >> to the east coast where earl has been downgraded to tropical storm but still bringing rain and whipping up waves. sandy is tracking the
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storm with the latest on that and of course our weather. >> that's right dan. you know the systems pick up a lot of moisture from the atlantic and they have to dump it somewhere even though it has weakened from a category 1 to a tropical storm still has a lot of moisture to deal w.wind right now 70 miles an hour tracking to the northeast at 25. as you look at live doppler 7 hd you will see the bands of rain just rotating in around nantucket. we have reports of moderate rainfall. northeast win at 21. gusting to 35 miles an hour. they have dealt with the high waves. the rain. the whipped. along the new england coast line.i'll show you some video from rhode island. where this is where it, what it looked like. just pouring rain. sheets of rain coming down pretty hard with the wind blowing. of course that area is going to continue to deal with this kind of conditions as long as that storm continues to skirt the coast. let me show you the latest as far as the forecast is concerned. the waves will continue to impact the new england coast line as the
9:19 pm
storm works its way up towards the nova scotia area. it will continue to weaken and of course the threat with this will continue to be the rain. the wind. and the high waves. so just keep that in mine. here in the bay area temperatures right now anywhere from the 50's to the 70's. want to take you outside to show you what it looks like locally. the view from our high definition roof cam are showing you the bay bridge. obscured by the fog. we have pbingts of dense fog forming around places like watsonville. visibility is poor there and don't be surprised if you have fog that becomes dense in spots heading towards the morning hours. here's another view from our high definition roof cam are. wider perspective. the the embarcadero socked n.highlight. mailed to warm day bay and inland. coastal sunshine sunday and monday and cooler weather expected after labor day. so we have some great looking weather as we head in the weekend. this afternoon it was just socked in along the coast line. fog never budged. it remained
9:20 pm
there. and total the fog will be around at the beaches so if you like that kind of weather you will enjoy tomorrow. what's going to happen by sunday. this fog will really start to get scoured out as northwest breeze develops and that means it is going to be assign sunday for pretty much everywhere across the bay area but a little bit breezy on sunday. temperatures tonight with the fog around along the coast and inland low 50's to low 60's and tomorrow afternoon south bay numbers dropping few more degrees. 82 in san jose. 88 for los gatos. by the way today temperatures few degrees up to 15 degrees cooler. tomorrow just a slight downward trend. 76 in redwood city on the peninsula. 60 in pacifica. downtown san francisco 66 degrees and in the north bay you are looking at mid 80's for napa, santa rosa, novato, east bay 72 for oakland, 76 in hayward, inland still warm. walnut correct, pleasanton, monterey bay 66 degrees in monterey. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast wide range of
9:21 pm
conditions. 60's to 90's right through the holiday weekend with slightly warmer weather under clear skies on labor day. after that, notice the cooling trend by midweek with drizzle. mid 70's dan on wednesday and warmest location. >> kind of hint of fall. >> absolutely. the. >> thanks very much. >> still to come tonight. one forty-niner fan has a warning to all the rest. >> look what they are trying to do to us. >>reporter: next from 7 on your side. michael what this man found in the fine print of his season ticket information that has him seeing red. state of emergency in new zealand after big earth quake. will. that people
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>> we were over the dangerous work firefighters had to do in the east bay today. they were open the roof of a house on falls court in pleasant hill with flames pouring out around them late this afternoon and smoke as you can see. fire started in the garage and bread to the attic. firefighters poke hole in the roof to release the gases and flames. 2 cars burned. damage is estimated at 100,000 dollars. good news, no one was hurt. although not without its controversy there is some excitement building around the 49 ers possible move to a new stadium. however there are some details that may have been overlooked and it is not sitting well with some long time season ticket holders. the story tonight from 7 on your side michael finy. fichlt throwing in the end zone. >>reporter: the forty-niner on line video is big and bold. >> touch down.
9:25 pm
>>reporter: looking back on incredible past and forward to bright future in a new stadium. it is enough to give many long time fans goose bum bump. tm al is long time fan but it nearly gives him a fichlt i come to receive on your side to say all you forty-niner fans lack what they are trying to do to us. >>reporter: al office is packed with forty-niner memorabilia and he and his associates season tickets go all the way back to early stadium days. he has never paid a seat license feet fee. never plan to until he read the latest paperwork that came with his season ticket. >> even though all these yeerts they promised you buy your season ticket goodyear bad year you get the same seat next year. this year they are tell us that we have no expectation that we are going to have any seats. we have no equitable right.
9:26 pm
>> welcome to the economic of professional sports. >>reporter: our sports director larry says he's neither a defendernder of the pt points out it is wide spread in today's world. >> if they are going to put down 1 bill $to build a stadium they have to finance it. the raw numbers say there's only a certain number of ways to raise the money to finance it. and one of those ways in the modern era is personal feline. >>reporter: 49 ers call the license sbl for stadium builder license. the organization declined interview saying the selling of license is a long way off but did tell us all dollars from the stadium builder license goes towards the funding and maintain of the building. none of the revenue goes to the 49 ers. key element of successful sbl? life time transferable hours will be both. season ticket hold earth's were informed in 2000 7 about sbl in a personal
9:27 pm
letter. so sbl can deliver a lot and potentially cost a lot. so are they an investment. >> talking the 49 ers of the 80's? or are we talking 49 ers of the mid 90's? >>reporter: mark is the time share columnist for the san francisco examiner. although seat license have been compared to time shares he sees them more like a condominium. >> i cancel my ticket. i can give my tickets away. but i have complete control over virtually every event at that venue. because those are my seats. >>reporter: those who don't like this set up is there any recourse? attorney mark britain of many this site says not really. >> football teams are businesses. they are providing an entertainment service and people become very tied to their football teams and they say i love my football team and my feeble team loves me. they do. to
9:28 pm
the accident that it keeps money coming in the door. >>reporter: so now you know. we are good. we are bad. >> i haven't heard it. if it wasn't for 7 open your side a lot of people want to hear it. who reads this. >>reporter: how much do the license cost no one is saying but the giants just charged from 1,000 to 20,000 dollar for their license. of course that doesn't count the cost of the actual tickets themselves and those cost as much as 750 dollars each. this is 7 on your side. when we continues tonight. seven years after the war in iraq began, the people who live through the war answer a simple question. was it worth it? >> political fore sight. embarrassing debate moment and what arizona governor is could go to make sure it never happens again. >> big jump in tahoe bear attack. dna evidence that even gave one of them a death know jerry brown wasmayor ,
9:29 pm
but whawere the results? ct: brown promised to improve schools. and the sta had to take over the schools. fact: the city ctroller found employees paid for 22,000 hos... thenever worked. fac brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most ngerous city in america. rry brown. he just can't deler the results lifornia needs now.
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with an average finance savis around $5,800. >> good evening once again. we'll start this half hour with a look at the headlines we are following for you tonight two big development today in an east bay murder spree. 72-year-old charles writ enhouse pleaded not guilty in a fair field courtroom to 2 felony counts related to the bomb making chemical and explosives found in his vallejo home and storage unit. judge refused to lower his bond because he could, could be a suspect to 4 east bay murder including that of his wife. connected to the murder a missing hercules man frederick solace. experts dig through pittsburgh land fill lacking for him. his father
9:32 pm
found dead. investigators return tomorrow morning. >> 60-year-old helicopter pilot crash landed this morning upside down on 101 near salinas. he is hop highsed in intensive care. investigators say fog may have played a role in the crash. well now to iraq. where this week we marked a major milestone. iraqi forces taking over. american fighters pulling out. and so 7 and a half years lateary simple question for those who lived through the war. was it worth it? here's dan harris with the report. >>reporter: it was amid the ink stain giddiness of iraq first democratic election that we first met school teacher over the subsequent years as iraq extended into secretary madness i interviewed him several more times and she remained upbeat. >> why are you optimistic,
9:33 pm
optimistic, what gives enthusiastic hope. >> because i love my country. >>reporter: today she's a newly wed. >> can i see the wring. >> yes. >> very nice. good job. >>reporter: things may be good in her personal life but as american troops leave while the iraqi government is mired in political paralysis her view of the future has change changed. >> by see a dark one. really. >> dark future. >> yes. yes. >> if the americans leave it will be dark future. >> yes. yes. >>reporter: but she says that dark future is still better than past under saddam. >> looking back was it worth it. >> for us of course. >> when we first met steven browning in 2003 avenues gung ho can do american freshly arrived to rebuild iraq as part of the temporary government. >> personally in there's no mission in the world more important than the what we are doing in this country today. >>reporter: today he's the
9:34 pm
father of 2 living outside denver and his assessment of the war now genuinely surprised me. >> i don't think it was worth, i don't think it is worth it. we'll see. maybe iraq will be a shining star of democracy in the middle east. i just don't see it happening. >>reporter: this boy appeared in abc news story in 2007. at aiming 12 he was working in mechanic shop because his father had died during the invasion. i dream of going back to school many. but three years later we found him still at work. i met this shake in 2003 when he was a serious 29 year. he is now a may alicia leader that our local staff interviewing him would be quote like throwing yourself into the a pwis. >> perhaps the most moving reconnection we were able to make involved this family. we
9:35 pm
first interviewed them in 200 2008. after an american airstrike destroyed their house and killed their 2-year-old son ali. >> ail mother told us that they wanted to move but didn't have the money. >> i begged my husband to leave the house when the fighting began she told us because he said if we die, we will die together. viewer bought them a new house which they proudly showed off to us the other take along with their new son also named ali. he looks astonishingly like his older brother. his father said despite all he had been through he was grateful to american forces to tongue elsa dan. his wife struck a different note saying the americans should leave. they killed too many children for nothing. death of my son she said left a whole in my heart.
9:36 pm
said left a whole in my heart. dan, authorities say people are trapped in buildings christ church new zealand after an earthquake early this morning. 2 reports of serious injury. there is significant damage to parts of the city. resident report collapse buildings and power outage. shook much of new zealand south island local time. centered roughly 20 males north of christ church city of about 400 thousands pack. >> i have a former friend who lives there now didn't feel it. but many, many people he knows and concluding some inlaw certainly did. people in tahoe getting aggressive like to do the rash of break-ins this summer. in the lit east to track down the offender. we have the report on the problems and height is being held. >> there's lots of home video
9:37 pm
on you tube of bears coming to neighborhoods and camp sites in the tahoe basin and helping themselves to people food. normally california fish and game get 1 or 2 reports of bears becoming aggressive but this year the number of incidents has jumped. >> we have had $9 or 10 of the same sort of calls where a bear made contact with the person. they don't want to go anywhere else. >>reporter: within the last month approximately this family was falling the girl. swiping at man injuring his arm. 2 captured this week and layered so loan a from the an man that was left at the attack site. >> dn was you had euthanized her cup still here at fish and game and weighing the option on what to do. >>reporter: it should be safer for visitors. construction will be voting in tahoe. upset the state tack drastic action. don't think the mother should have been
9:38 pm
euthanized. >> no i don't. we are invading them and i just think that it is a shame that they did that because there's a baby. now what are you going to do it's a tragedy. bears have to be you group niceed. they are responsible for bring out food beating the bare. >> you have to keep it locked up and in a way that is bare paragraph because otherwise your desire to be in nature and to be a mom these kind of animals could lead to this tragic situation. >> we have to err on the side of public safety. 500 base i hope more with larger litter which is a sign they are getting many. >> 2 poll continuing for 2 yike. editorial board of the san francisco chronicle elf elected governor he will cut pension for state work e. he avoided the mess but will to
9:39 pm
do things that organized labor does not like his words. 2 most before the november election. provides is in a virtual dead head with republican and two days after this brewer is refusing any more face off with her democratic opponent. >> we have done everything that we could possibly do if. >>reporter: after her opening remarks on wednesday where she sort of froze up governor brewing stopped speaking and began to it'll. she had a brain sfreez. said she only greed to the debate she said you can qualify in public campaign fund. >> politic in actane. johnson has a tie on his campaign for mayor. new poll by public policy shows the father of sarah palin's grand child has just 6 percent favorable rating in the state. put
9:40 pm
another way 72 percent of alaska done like him by comparison sarah appeal inguess this in her own state. >> coming up next. traffic control. different kind of striping on city streets in striping on city streets in russia ♪ . >> mid wotion college tries to prove the new look is attention
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sdwroo here's something you ton see every take zebra crossing a busy intersection. police in moscow using the animal to teach chirp and to remind adults about road safety. now here's the funny part. they are in the actually zebra. several horses and pony are painted with stripes. just like the pavement. those intersections are called zebra crossings and are often ignored by brushing drivers. animal story. san francisco woman could hardly believe her good luck. when her missing dog was found after seven years. tonight a twist in the luck. she can not believe that police and veteran committee gave the dog away to someone else. here's mark matthews.
9:44 pm
>> when my son found the dog. >> he found the dog. is he kenneth griffith. >> yes she history her 22-year-old son found this small dog but not want to return it to the woman who claims to be the rightful owner. >> she was a member of my family and i don't have any children and she was my little girl. >>reporter: mary says little girl was stolen from her home in san francisco 7 years ago on the night of august 24th kenneth griffin brought the dog to this all night clinic. and the vet scanned little girl for a micro chip. >> then there was a chip. so we called the chip committee and had them call the former owner. >>reporter: mary got the call. little girl has been found. need to go pick her up at the emergency hospital. >>reporter: rushed down to the clinic bringing her receipts. dog license. her theft report from 2003. but too late. >> my job had been given to
9:45 pm
the person that brought the dog in. i was absolutely horrified. >>reporter: clinic manager was told by the san mateo police to give the dog back to the people who brought it in. >> people had had a it more than 30 daughter it was new their dog. >>reporter: does it make sense to you. >> i doesn't i'm bowed to. >>reporter: san mateo police confirm that was the advice they got from the humane society. this is the huh main society senior vice president. >> not a law. uses what most shelters use as general rule of thumb. >>reporter: based on that rule of thumb the clinic with the blessing of the police gave the dog to deny evident griffin who left before mary could arave with her parents. they know the california law says that dogs are personal property. they know that there's been a stolen police report filed way back in two,000 3. >>reporter: frustrated. the
9:46 pm
woman that owner the dog she would really like to have the dog back. >> i know. police say the police saye many he owner the toying now. >>reporter: he found the dog. >> yes. >>reporter: but she owns the dog. you see the difference. >>reporter: yes mother tells me she understands but won't tell me where her son is. city attorney in san mateo says there isn't any finder keeper law in that city but he disconsider this a simple matter and mary is being telled he will have to go to court to get her dog back. >> great weekend to get out and about. just ahead. biggest art festival in biggest art festival in i want you to >> people! look at you!
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>> well if you make plans it's an art lover weekend. sausolito art fiscal kicks off tomorrow for the 58th year. more than 20,000 pieces of art, sculpture and everything in between. art artist come from around the country for this one. considered to be one of the top 5 art festival in the nation. it features live music from jefferson star ship, pablo cruise and more.
9:50 pm
and on the peninsula the 2 day millbrae art and wine festival turns 40 this weekend. all right. the weather looks lake pretty great wherever you are. let's go back to sandy up to date the forecast. >> dan fine looking weather. for all of the festival that are going on around the bay area. millbrae saturday some clouds in the morning. then sunny 70 degrees. breezy on sunday. upper 60's but the northwest wind is actually going to take the temperatures up at the sausalito art festival sunday 70 degrees monday 74. tomorrow just a little bit cooler. there at the sausalito art festival. millbrae art wine festival lacking good as well. doesn't matter where you are as dan mentioned it's nice this weekend. 90's inland. down a few degrees next two days and then temperatures the trending up. but one shot deal. after that tuesday wednesday we are going well below normal with temperatures only in the mid 70's inland upper 50's at our beaches and drizzle l by the middle of next week. >> drizzle already.
9:51 pm
>> dramatic changes. >> thanks very much. >> well now to a story that might best be titlesed what were they thinking? drake university in des moines, iowa rebranded itself in new marketing campaign designed to attract new students. but there is one fatal flaw? this is what you get when logging into the school admission page. giant school says it's about the plus factor available at drake. begins with d. officials say they expected some of the chatter is way to drive attention to the school. students give the ad campaign a d.saying it makes the school synonymous with academic mediocre. >> ask for aspiring sportscaster. that's what i hear. that's what i hear. and you can begin your career right away. stay 4 to 3 this is the job for you. that's the school. jaint take the play off hopes to los angeles with barry on
9:52 pm
the bound. 2 words for you. uh-oh. where is the one word with a hyphen i'm not sure but trouble it's way. [ female announcer ] we know jerry own was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schls.
9:53 pm
but the drop out rate increed 50%, fact: t city controller found employees paid for2,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just c't deliver the results california needs now.
9:54 pm
he just c't deliver the results >> coming up tonight. violence interrupts 90-year-old peaceful walk. the action of a 13-year-old leaving police dumbfounded. >> nasa advice on how to keep those trapped chile miners as healthy as possible. there are some very specific instructions for them. those stories and more on 7 news at
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11:00 over on channel 7. >> larry is here with great rivalry. >> yes. giants and donors always good stuff. giants opening a huge 10 came road trip tonight in l.a. starting out 3 games out of first place in the west. 2 back in the wild card race. tommy put the cell phone away. get in the game. scoreless in the second. puts one that orbit off barry. way way out. 2 run jack. in the fourth the giants equalizing. buster base hit to left two out on the affair and tied for 2. in the mid of big threat. can't win on the road the can't happen. opposing pitcher with a 2 out base load single. seat 0lasted only 4 innings. dodgers up 4-2 and they manage 2 hit. high heat right there struck out 7. giants lose
9:56 pm
4-2. 3 back in the wild card. padres losing and could stay back in the we as well. raiders tore up the out field last night. a's and april gels there tonight in progres progress. sports net gonzalez dealing the swing there. 6 k in 6 shut out frames for cocoa crisp in the bottle of the 6. then the ex motion. a bat come to life. kevin he guess yard. 2 run blast. right now the a's busted this thing open leading 8 nothing in the eighth. tomorrow cut down day in the nfl. teams trim the roster to 53 players to get ready for the season opener. niners made the manufacture one day early. big surprise here is that they cut versatile running back robinson. he was prosecute bowl alternate past couple seasons. he's excellent on special teams. his versatility as former college quarterback figure to earn him a spot on the roster but he
9:57 pm
was released with just not getting enough value out of the spot. talk value. dixon. 46 yard touch down. whether knows how much will my alongside others. he makes the squad. >> with a guy like that yes it's a roll. what it is right now it will define itself but i just you have a guy that talent like that yes he will find a role for him. >> raiders beat seattle finishing pre-season 3-1. bay im pravd dramatically. nice catch there asked if he would have made the play a year ago he said yes. maybe in my dreams. after a rough rookie year. they say confidence is up. >> only strive id made with being could have dent and going out and playing football. playing the game i have been praying since hay school. simple as that. >> just good to see the depth
9:58 pm
there and whole group kind of moving forward i think and trying to develop a passing game. >>reporter: college football tonight. arizona heading east to take on three a and watch the cut to the outside. see you. right by you. that's the movie wake in my dreams, too. 36 yards to the house. p wildcat ground the toledo rockets 41-22. tiger woods taken out 54 million dollar mortgage on a mansion that he is building on jupiter island in florida. focus today however the championship in boston. rain was a problem there. the result of earl now downgradeed to a tropical storm. bad start for tiger. bogey 4 first holes to rally and tiger 1 over 72. 9 stroke back. palmer only one back. thanks in part to this just off the green. putt on 9. 7
9:59 pm
underscore. and co-leader is zack janson. trying on 8 or 8 under 63. tied at the top of the leader board with day. u.s. open action tonight. serena williams on hand to watch her sister in third round play. venus cruised against mandy about qualifier second set. venus coming to the net. come on. venus. cruising in her sparkle sequin tennis wear. 6 foot 2. dolphins also wanier but wasn't wearing pichlt night game. >> evening. evening ativr. >> thanks larry. that is this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. >> this is dan thanks for watching v. a safe fun holiday weekend. hope to see holiday weekend. hope to see you again on channel 7.


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